Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last Day of School

Today was Little's last day of playschool. We've been doing a co-op with the other kids her age in our courtyard and they've all had a blast. I managed to get a picture of them today (with the help of one of the other moms--she did all the hard work--I just had to take the picture...)

At the beginning of the year (September) there were SEVEN of them. By the end we were down to 5. They've really grown up over the last few months. When we started, the youngest of them was the age that Littler is now, and that just seems crazy to think that Littler is almost at a preschoolable age. She still seems like such a baby.


Martie said...

Before you know it, someone adorable in your family will be starting Kindergarten. And then high school. And then be married and have 12 children. Watch out and don't blink!!

Congratulations to Little and friends!


little mama said...

What a great picture od Little and her friends. I've always thought it's so great that you have that group of other families with their own littles all around you. So fun!