Sunday, October 3, 2010

Littlest aka The Dude

A couple days ago Littlest said "boop" to Mommy. When Mommy repeated the sound to him he giggled and recognized it as his little word. So now we can say "boop" to him at any time and it instantly makes him thrilled. He even joins in and tries to say it back to us. It's so fun to be able to "talk" with him!

Also, about 4 days ago he just started sitting up. It's a cool new trick Daddy's been demonstrating to anybody and everybody. Go Dude!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Skyline-to-the-Sea with the chillunz

Little and Daddy went on a short litle backpacking trip up Skyline-to-the-Sea trail yesterday with A-Ron and Olivander. We camped at twin redwoods trail camp for the night.  A radicool old dude hiked in with us and told us everything there is to know about the plants we saw. A gorgeous San Francisco garter snake slithered right between Little's feet. Great-horned owls called all night from across Waddell creek. We heard Pacific tree fogs along the creek.  We interrupted a swarm of flying ants out looking for a queen. A bunch of deer and some raccoons raided us throughout the night. And we pretty much chilled and enjoyed the pleasantness.

MAndrew and Kason and Maleb rode in on bikes and visited us at dusk, paying special attention to wearing Olivander right out.

Little yesterday with a big-leaf maple leaf:

Strangely similar to January 2009 in Costa Rica:

A madrone stick became the coolest toy/weapon.

A-Ron spent much of the trip being a superhero/monster. It's what he does:

Olivander likes the leaf too:

Next time: Daddy, A-Ron, Lizard and Littler!