Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Little Week

Little turned 4 on Friday! Of course, what that means is that she now wipes her bottom on her own. Here are some pictures from the festivities:

Little's friend and neighbor T-bone was nice enough to have his 3rd birthday on the exact same day Little did. So we had a combined courtyard cake shindig:

Later, Little became accessorized as she opened her presents with ARod and Olivander, her friends:

They all played in the courtyard, riding their bikes up and down hills and playing with kites [Little's friend Cason gave her a cool fire-engine kite for her birthday and his brother Maleb decided that he didn't want Littler to feel left out so he made her a hot dog kite. Yes, it is the size and shape of a hot dog [and just as air-worthy!].]

The next morning, Daddy took Little and Littler and Cason and Maleb on a couple-mile walk to go find grubs to feed our new newts.

It was super fun! We also found some leaves to play in:

That's it.

Oh, yeah, did I mention that Cason decided that he's going to marry Little? He made sure to ask her before her 4th birthday so he didn't get pre-empted.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Littler has decided that she really is a dog, all day long every day. So the most common word she uses now, whether it serve as a verb, noun, adjective, pronoun, expletive, clause, diatribe, discourse, etc., is the word "wuhf." Thus:

"I want to play with [Little], wuhf."
"Daddy, Daddy, wuhf."
"I wuhf, I wuhf, I wuhf!"
"[whine, whine, whine] whuhf [whined]."
"Wuuuuuuhf!!" [meaning "I can't open the door"]
"Wuhf!" ["I did it!"]
"Wuhf, yeah."

Her stamina is remarkable, she's been doing it consistently for about 72 straight hours, and it took us about half that time to figure out what she was doing.