Thursday, October 23, 2008

Little Goes to (Pre) School

Little recently started going to a little co-op preschool with her friends in our courtyard, twice a week. So far, she LOVES it, and is doing really well being dropped off at school with her friends for a couple hours (on the days Mommy isn't one of the teachers). She's learned about ants, bones, bears, leaves and trees, water, and lots of other things! And she loves hanging things up on the wall that she brings home.

More Random Littler Pictures

Littler on Her First Birthday (A while ago)

Bye-bye, I love you!

Today as Daddy was walking out the door to leave for work, Little, who had been frolicking on the floor got up quickly and ran to the door shouting, "I can say bye-bye and love you now! Umm...wait till I get my fingers out..." She then took her fist and pulled up the appropriate fingers to sign I love you, held it up and said, "Bye-bye, I love you!"

Dang she really cutes me!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Can you say TWO YEARS OLD??

Today during lunchtime, I decided to put Little's curtains up, which I have been putting off for a little over three months now.  While I was up in her room finishing up, she came in and grabbed our little red camping egg carton and said something about playing with eggs.  I said, 'Oh, cool' or something else equally nondescript.  You know, the sort of thing you say when you're busy and your kid tells you something that doesn't really require ALL of your attention?  So, when I was just finishing up, Little came upstairs, looking all wet and started washing her hands because she thought she was dirty.  I asked her why she was trying to wash herself just because she was wet...  This was when she broke the bad news to me--"It's eggs!"

When I came downstairs, this was what I found waiting for me (sorry for the veeeeeery bad pic):

She actually had the nerve to be proud of herself!

Now, I suppose I should go clean it up...sigh.