Friday, April 6, 2012

Tahoe 2012

As people who don't have the privilege of having to shovel the stuff are wont to do, we blew a not-insignificant amount of money during the girls' spring break to go play in snow for a few days.

It was fun:

And pretty:

We spent an afternoon cross-country skiing with the two little ones in a trailer. Little skied 6K and rocked it majorly, except she was terrified of the downhill segments. It was a phenomenal blast despite more than one fairly spectacular wipeout.

During a downhill segment Little was scared to be left behind, so she made Mommy stay in back of her while she inched down slowly. Mommy, Arizona-type that she is, was not so adept at controlling her descent so carefully. So whenever she threatened to overtake Little she just bailed out into the snow. Over and over and over again. Bloik, bloik, bloik, bloik.

Daddy, the progressive gentleman that he is, graciously allowed Mommy to pull the trailer.

Cross-country skiing is something Daddy has wanted to do since he was a little kid, but this was the first time for everybody. Stupendifferous fun!

The next day we endeavored to create the most majorly RADiculously awesome snow cave ever. And we did.

It was ~20 feet long with a perfectly groomed entrance and exit and a room tall enough for Littler to stand in.

Budsto thought the snow cave was the chiznikkity [it was].

On our last day we struck out on fresh 5-foot-deep snow.

Snow? It's fun.

Budsto just slipped away from us.

About 5 minutes earlier Little made Daddy explain the word "ambitious" to her.

I think this had something to do with snowman-Budsto farting.

And that's it. We apologize for all of the saturated pixels, but we're from Arizona, so you can hardly blame us.