Sunday, June 2, 2013

Blizane's Wish

Little's dear friend Blizane had a very special wish for his birthday. He wanted to go camping with Little; an inspired choice. So we spent a few days camping with the Tahlbows on Whidbey Island. There is some mutual adoration:

For the most part we just let all the kids explore and play. Littler and her partner-in-crime Luke mostly wandered beyond view, doing who knows what. So there won't be a ton of pictures of them. But here's one of Luke, in a rare moment of non-absorption in something hilarious and destructive with Littler.

The kids discovered a small clearing in the forest which they did a bunch of weird stuff in. I'm not sure what's going on here, but Wilhelm is eating bark for some reason. There was lots of hilarity.

We also discovered them having an impromptu concert back there at one point:

We walked down to the coast and spent a good chunk of the day just kicking around there. The kids found a large deposit of pure clay which obviously held endless possibilities for fun.

Bud and his arch-admirer Banan spent most of the time with Littler and Luke way down the beach. We aren't really sure what went on down there.

There is a great symmetry between our family and the Tahlbows. Bud and Banan love each other and are close in age; Littler and Luke are also close in age and completely inseparable. Little and Blizane are the same age and love each other. But there's one more! Wilhelm is older than anybody else. But it's not a problem: there's room for that goofy, fun-loving kid:

We spent most of the next day at Fort Casey. It's a sprawling pre-WWI naval battery with absurd 10" guns and unlimited exploration opportunities. Again the kids just basically ran around and did what kids do.

See there's a picture of Banan there at the end? Apparently that's all we got...

What can we say? It was a great time with wonderful people. Moving away is going to be painful--thinking about it already is. Thanks Tahlbows for such a great trip!