Saturday, March 2, 2013

Never Stop

2013 has been a pretty weird year so far. Mommy and Daddy have both been working very hard, but from home. Daddy's had a few trips out-of-state and we snuck one four-day vacation in to the Okanogan Highlands. The kids have had a lot of activities and we've been birding quite a bit. So when today rolled around without a single obligation at all we decided to have a low-key family day. So here it was, all planned out this morning by the kids:

9am: "Restaurant breakfast" with Daddy as chef and Ella as waitress

10am: "Best fort in the world building time"

11am: "Dance time [Seven Minute Mind]"

11:30am: "Random stuff with blankets, a camera and a C-clamp [improvised]:"

This went on for a very long time with at least 5 generations of innovation on the general theme:

2pm: "Explore behind our apartment:"

3:30pm: "Hot bath time"

4:30pm: "Draw violent weather while completely nekkid time [improvised] [no video...]"

5:30pm: "Taco time"

6pm: "Make fun of how bad Daddy's team is losing time"

7pm: "Pretend to sleep time"

Daddy pooped out at about 4pm but it was a great day anyway. Back to the thesis...