Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend

We spent Thanksgiving weekend here with friends. On Friday we went on a friend-suggested hike in Mt. Tamalpais State Park. It was 4-ish miles downhill from altitude to the coast and was very cool. We went with the Barches; Canyon, Tarlissimo, et al.

Ballyhoo stayed on Mommy's back mostly for time considerations. She might actually be completely capable of the distance but extrapolating past hiking experiences with her to 4 miles we projected it would take 4.39 times the age of the universe to get to our destination.

Dem Barches.

This is what happened when Little attempted to give Canyon a hug. It was explosive coodiness.

Little and Canyon pretty much didn't notice the 4 miles. They probably logged an extra 2 miles just crazying around.

Little decided that these rocks just had to come with us, and insisted that we hold them for her when she became too tired. Hasn't every kid who has ever hiked done that? So cliche.

Daddy may or may not have confidently led everybody down a steep hill on the wrong path.

We got to Stinson Beach at sunset.

We sat around well into the dark waiting for a shuttle to take us back to our cars... apparently there was a holiday schedule? Meh. Anyway, it turned into a fun little adventure and made a weirdly satisfying end to a fun day.

On Saturday we watched Stanford smother some Beavers with friends.

And that's it. Maybe we'll get around to posting the Hawai'i pictures soon?