Monday, May 10, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

We had a Cinco de Mayo party in the courtyard last week. It was pretty sweet.  Sack races:

Berkle must have missed the gun...

The demographics were a little different in Littler's heat.

Littler thought the whole point was to be in a bag, and at that she excelled heartily.  She just stood there looking very proud of herself.

Even the daddies got into the action.  Daddy won the sack race, probably the absolute pinnacle of his life's achievements to date.

We even did a three-legged race.  Daddy and Little tied Christofferson and Tarlie for first place, though both teams had suspect tactics.  That fact didn't diminish their pride at the finish line, incidentally.

Littler ran in a foot race...

...about halfway through people started cheering as the older kids crossed the finish line.  Littler got excited that she was getting such loud cheers, so she stopped and raised her fist like a champion boxer.  She even spun and did a little [pirate-dead-leg] victory prance for the crowd.  She never actually finished the race... details!

In a race of old nerdy grad student daddies, Daddy narrowly won the 40-ish-yard dash. That makes him 3-for-3 in events at the courtyard party, which he explains makes him a superstar.  Total courtyard hall of fame material.

Little takes Maleb down.

Littler visualizes disemboweling the pinata penguin [a traditional Mexican icon if there ever was one].

[lots of pictures of other courtyard kids--let us know if you want them!]

Sunday, May 9, 2010


On Friday night, Kason and Maleb invited Little over for a sleepover.  Boy was she superexcited!  We were planning on going to Arastradero to explore a bit in the morning, so they came with us. 

Little is all about having the right gear:

Mommy's not so big on the whole bed-rest-for-mothers-with-newborns thing.
Littler's pretty big on the whole get-muddy-whenever-possible thing, though.

Littler, as always, instandly achieved a state of adorable dishevelment, with a brand-new knee scrape, monster abrasion on the forehead, berry-stained face, muddy pants and feral hair. 

Littlest was pretty chill.

Getting wet just seems to happen when the Littles get together with Kason and Maleb.

Maleb became the third wipeout victim of the trip.

Little and Maleb take a little rest here from an epic amount of running, proving to the world that they knew the route back to the car, among other things.

Kason and Maleb will be moving away soon.  We don't know what Little and Littler will do with themselves!  It seems like they spend all day with them.  First Olivander moves, then Wilhelm moves, now Kason and Maleb move... life's not fair!