Sunday, March 13, 2011


To save us from a weekend of drudgery, friends invited us to go with them to Ed Levin park to hang out, eat, and hike a little bit. Having heard some great things about the raptors there, and not wanting to, you know, stay home and work, we jetted off to have some fun.

Littler was maybe a bit less than totally enthused to hike up the mountain.

Littler absolutely adores Lizard.

They used this rock as a pillow.

At the top of the "mountain" there were a couple guys getting ready to hang-glide off and back down to the bottom. The kids were fascinated...

...but eager for the spectacle to end so they could...

...well, you know:

No, Littlest is not wearing Littler's jacket as a pair of pants with a spurious hood that he needs to keep warm because he overflowed his diaper and his other pants are soaking wet and it's cold. It only looks that way.

Littlest wanted to join the mud party. Daddy had to take him far, far away. He went for it like a carrier pigeon.

We ended up seeing 6 species of raptors: kestrel, harrier, white-tailed kite, red-tail, red-shoulder, and TV. Not bad for a lazy saturday afternoon. And we threw together a little Provencal dinner at our place and watched a movie. Thanks, Boni and A-Ron!