Sunday, March 21, 2010

Montebello 2010

Just a little exploring around our favorite exploring place:

A couple miles in, Littler decided to just head up a hill. So she took off without a word, straight up. She was totally determined. We eventually caught up to her, but she just kept on going up and up like it was completely the thing to do at the moment.

For St. Patrick's day, the courtyard had a little party which promised to contain a competition for the greenest costume. Little was determined to win and spent much of the day preparing her winning flair:

It was a vote-by-applause deal, and Daddy screamed the loudest so Little won. She rocked it!

Also, there has been a bit of warm weather, so this type of thing seems to happen:

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Valentine's Thingy

1. How do you know when you're in love?
Littler (2): Uh, Ella in the car, I know Mommy working. Mailbox, my mailbox out again.
Little (just 4): I cuddle!

2. Why do people get married?
Littler: Um people get married. People get married. People get married. Blahgoiahglhahglahglhag.
Little: 'Cause they need to grow.

3. How old should you be when you get married?
Littler: Um, I guess, I get married. I color, Dad.
Little: I don't know. Ummmm, I think, 8 years old.

4. Where do you want to get married?
Littler: Uh, I get married.
Little: Ummm since Mason is going to marry me then he's the one that's going to marry me, right? Mason's the one that's going to marry me, so... at his house.

5. What qualities do you look for in a boy/girl?
Littler: Um, oh no.
Little: I used to like Oliver very much but now I like Mason very VERY much. 'Cause I didn't really know I liked Oliver before Mason.

6. What's romance?
Littler: Romance. Uhh... I... know... romance...
Little: I don't know!

7. What would be a fun date?
Littler: Fun date. Um, a balloon. There's another balloon. Another balloon. Another balloon. Another balloon. etc., etc., etc.
Little: Um, *high pitched* Ca-li-for-nia!

8. What do you want to get for Valentine's Day?
Littler: Ban-times day. Uh, get a Ban-times day.
Little: Sweet tarts.

9. Why do men give women flowers or chocolate?
Littler: Chocolate!
Little: Because that's what's love.

10. What do you think about kissing?
Littler: Kissing.
Little: Mmm. I don't know.

11. How many kids will you have after you are married?
Littler: I get married. I get married. I get married and get kids to have.
Little: Two, or one. One.

12. What will you wear when you get married?
Littler: I get married.
Little: Mmm, I don't know. Um how about these clothes? [sweat pants and a sparkly shirt]. But Mason has to look very cool when he gets married, right?

13. What will your husband/wife look like?
Littler: Um, I want the yellow sippy-cup.
Little: I think my husband will be Mason, then there will be two Masons in our courtyard. Will we live far away when I'm an adult?

14. How can you tell your parents love each other?
Littler: Mommy, Daddy love eachother.
Little: 'Cause they kiss! Because they hug.

Little: I'm done for the day!
Littler: I want a yellow sippy-cup.