Sunday, March 21, 2010

Montebello 2010

Just a little exploring around our favorite exploring place:

A couple miles in, Littler decided to just head up a hill. So she took off without a word, straight up. She was totally determined. We eventually caught up to her, but she just kept on going up and up like it was completely the thing to do at the moment.

For St. Patrick's day, the courtyard had a little party which promised to contain a competition for the greenest costume. Little was determined to win and spent much of the day preparing her winning flair:

It was a vote-by-applause deal, and Daddy screamed the loudest so Little won. She rocked it!

Also, there has been a bit of warm weather, so this type of thing seems to happen:


Peg Lewis said...

My whole day has been contaminated by cuteness not to mention greenness.

Martie said...

Aww, it's Blueberries for Sal! I live for pictures and stories about my nieces and nephews. Thank you for this.

I love your life.

bill said...

Love the St. Patrick's day outfit.

Anonymous said...

Littler running straight up a hill bodes well for her entire life. V.

Nikki CB said...

Okay, that St P's day outfit just made my week. AWESOME.