Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lake Lagunita

Little, her way awesome friend Mason, and Littler went with Daddy yesterday to Lake Lag to go see some frogs. 

Mason really, really likes Little:

We waded to catch some tadpoles.

Littler saw a "little thing" [which is a Littlerism for "something that's creeping me out"] in the water and tried to splash it to death.

Little proudly shows off a tadpole.

At one point the little ones were wandering into a deeper part of the lake. Daddy suspected that it would be too deep for Littler, so he told them to turn around and come back.  In the process of turning, Littler tripped and fell and started... swimming.  Like, complete doggy-paddling swimming.  Daddy, being the responsible man he is, stood and took a couple pictures then ran off to help her up.  She got completely soaked but was proud of the fact that she went swimming all on her own.

We took Littler's clothes off and had her wear Daddy's jacket, which she thought was awesome.  She liked making a hand-monster come up out of the jacket and attack her nozzle.

Little was sad that she couldn't get Littler out of the water, but she was very happy that Littler was safe.

This picture is Littler in a nutshell.  She's always adorably disheveled.  She can be feral-looking within a femtosecond of getting out of the shower.

Little and Mason can make each other happy for hours.

[Look at Little's buff quads [and her ups, which are at least twice as high as Mommy's]. It's all the biking :o) ]

Then we went home.  Little and Mason walked about 4 miles [and Littler about 2.5] without complaining, and everybody had a blast from start to finish.  Next time: frogs!


Peg Lewis said...

You could call this one 'Tadpoles'.

A great photo journal.

brittney said...

I saw you guys walking home from this and wondered what you'd be up to. Looks like tons of fun. Great pictures, as always. Are you getting tired of hearing people tell you that?

trogonpete said...

no, I could use a lot more of it. There's no such thing as too much ego-inflation. Keep it rolllllllllllling in.

kelsey said...

These pictures fill me with joy and then sorrow for myself and Will. Such cute kids. It's fun to see Littler getting so not little.

Nikki CB said...

i'm happy to add to the compliments :) GREAT photos. I esp like the first one of Little and then the one of Littler in your coat. Wicked cute. Sounds like a great time...and your kids have endurance!!

Sara Feeney Sutton said...

Peter, your kids are gorgeous and I love the pictures!! They are so neat! Although I try to keep up with everyone, I can't always do it...I am not sure I knew that you were on your third although your mom probably told me. I haven't seen you since I believe I was five but from what I can tell Little looks like Amanda.