Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This is what Daddy saw when he walked into the birthing room:

Mommy's on a matt on the floor with a cheesy baby.  He was pretty cute:

We got home after the girls went to bed so they came in in the morning expecting to see their new brother.  We videotaped the whole thing.  Littler was very cautious, walking by the door several times before waiting for Little to be brave.  Little had been so incredibly, animatedly out of her mind with excitement for Littlest to come that we weren't sure how she'd act when he finally came.  Pretty much the same thing: she was so excited!  Both were utterly fascinated for several hours by the new thing and we were very impressed by how much of the whole thing they understood.  They knew he was here to stay, they were totally unphased by his penis since they knew he'd be a boy.  They were ultra sweet with him all morning this morning:

Little was completely intrigued by such a little person in her arms.

Littler loves to give kisses, and showered Littlest with them all day.

Little spent much of the day making up impromtu dances and songs for Littlest.  Littler dances her crazy monster-pirate dead-leg dance and repeats whatever Little sings.  Littlest sleeps, mostly.

You need to understand that Little is not at all cuddly.  Her idea of cuddles is lying down next to us and pummeling our bodies with spastic limbs.  Not so with Littlest, it seems:

As I type this, Littlest seems to have [cross fingers, knock on wood, kill a five-legged frog, etc] figured out the whole nursing thing.  He's also spent all day listening to Thom Yorke and currently Steve Reich, so he's automatically pretty cool.


little mama said...

You have a SON!!

He's super cute. I've been hanging on your(collective) every word all day. Such an awesome birth story.

Manda rocks! And yay for big sisters! In my experience I can't think of anything sweeter than siblings loving each other.


little mama said...

And yay for the nursing success! Nursing struggles are heartbreakng.

Real said...

Those first few pictures I almost laughed because he looks so much like Amanda. But then there's that one picture with a hand on his head that looks JUST like Peter, except with Amanda's nose. It will be fun to watch him and get to know him. Thanks for sharing.

Martie said...

And he has the cutest upper lip ever.

Martie said...


You know the pictures of you in the blessing... erm... outfit? You and M look incredibly similar. He is so cute. And like little mama said, siblings are one of the sweetest things. It is pure joy to see them meet for the first time. I love the pictures.

Mom, you did such a great job! Congratulations on the pregnancy, the delivery and the perfect little boy.

By the way, I think you will be very glad forever after that we named Harper what we did. The name that we were sold on for 7 months had a nickname that was only one letter off from your new baby's. Just change the s to a y. So, phew for you. And I won't even go into the connection of the middle name and one of the runners up we had for both little girls.

This is my long-winded way of saying that I am SO happy and SO proud of you all. You have a beautiful family!


Peg Lewis said...

Great photos and photo essay. The Ls seem to have a certain look.

You achieved fame with your birth story, L-Daddy. It was forwarded on fb by a friend, for all her world to enjoy.

I didn't post L-Mommy's because maybe it was too birthy for the uninitiated. But you link to it...It's a wonderful story, and gives the sense of being really really fresh!

Great job, everyone, and great chronicling.

aaron and joni said...

wow....I really can't believe you guys have a SON! HOW FUNNNN!!!! I hope we can stop by soon to visit you guys and the newest "littlest"! fun. HE IS SO CUTE! Amanda looks soo happy.
congratulations to all!!!!
ps. Nice "birth story" peter.....nice.
joni ann and fam!

trogonpete said...

Real: are you saying I have a wrinkled forehead?

Martie: You know, we said the exact same thing about him looking like my blessing gown picture. But at the same time he looks like a male Little to us, and nothing like Littler, though everybody agrees that Little looks like Mommy and Littler looks more like Daddy. Doesn't figger.

Joni: come on over!

brittney said...

love the pictures!! what sweet moments.

Real said...

I was hurriedly showing Baboo the pictures this morning (we were late to Seminary again!) and she said, "He looks just like Amanda!" I said, "Really? I thought he looked like Amanda in all the pictures, but one. In that one he looked just like Peter." She said, "yeah" and we started scrolling through the pictures again and when that picture popped up we both yelled out, "THAT ONE!"

MandaMommy said...

Thanks everyone!

Real: Which picture in particular? (There are a few with a hand on his head...)

MandaMommy said...

7th from the bottom?

Cheryl said...

Gorgeous photos as usual! Congratulations on such a beautiful little boy- I am so very happy for you all. So glad the girls are loving him so much. I can't wait to see him.

Nikki CB said...

Congratulations!!!! So exciting!