Friday, February 29, 2008

Dialog Over Diapers

Little, after being told that her diapers won't fit on the baby: They're different. Substantially different!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trying Out Our New Camera

Little's perspective

Little: Watch fantasia again!
Daddy: Let's not watch fantasia again
Little: Watch fantasia again!
Daddy: I have fantasia playing in my head right now

Then Little got extremely serious and walked up to daddy's head and peered in the right ear, circled around his back, scanning his head all the way, peered in his left ear, then looked confused and walked away.

Little's prayer


Dear Father...
Thank for this day...
Thank you...
daddy's book...
other book...
mommy's bike...
Jesus Christ amen

That was unprompted and pretty much a summary of today [except for the grandparents, but she always prays for people... daddy had to cut her off or she was going to start listing all the friends and family in a recursive cycle].

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Little's 2nd Birthday

My how the time flies! How did that little tiny thing turn into this walking talking BIG GIRL?

She got to be PRINCESS for a day, even getting to wear a crown she made with mommy.

She likes to think she's still a baby sometimes...even while reveling in her two year old ness.

Have to make sure it's just right.

Romping around in her dress.

Time to blow out the candles! What's all this fuss everyone's making about me??

The World Through a Child's Eyes

Do you ever wish you could be a kid again to see what the world looks like, uncolored by all of our experience(s)?

This morning while playing with a bunch of shoes, Little pulled out Littler's shoe, looked at the bottom half of the butterfly and said, "Facial hair!"

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jumping on the Bandwagon...

14 Ways to See Love Through My Kid's Eyes

Click here for the original (this year).

1. How do you know when you're in love?
Little: Play music

2. Why do people get married?
Little: Um...Um...Pooh Bear

3. How old should you be when you get married?
Little: Ummmm...two of those

4. Where do you want to get married?
Little: Um, Mack [but used real name] there in the picture

5. What qualities do you look for in a boy/girl?
Little: Um…blue, they're blue………and red. Mack's shirt's blue…with stripes.

6. What's romance?
Little: Yeah

7. What would be a fun date?
Little: Snowman, Chris is at home, the birds [not sure if she's talking about her Uncle, or her firend's daddy, but probably her uncle, since the computer was up on the blog of his family]

8. What do you want to get for Valentine's Day?
Little: Yeah. Oh yeah. That's Daddy's couch. Green. It's heavy.

9. Why do men give women flowers or chocolate?
Little: Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

10. What do you think about kissing?
Little: Oh yeah. Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah. Ohhh yeah.

11. How many kids will you have after you are married?
Little: There Daddy. Read it. There's Daddy right there.

12. What will you wear when you get married?
Little: Boys outside.

13. What will your husband/wife look like?
Little: Oh no. Ohhh. Oh no. Oh.

14. How can you tell your parents love each other?
Little: They're the chair right now. Little couch. [used her real name (not Little)]

Friday, February 8, 2008

Little's Song

Ni-night time tonight.

Little: Another song.
Daddy: What song do you want me to sing?
Little: The cup song!
Daddy: I don't know the cup song.
Little: The cup song!
Daddy: Can you sing it for me?

My little cup
It's whiiiiiiiite
It's whiiiiiiiite
It's whiiiiiiiite
It's PINK!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008



Who, by the way, can roll over from her back to her stomach as of 1 week ago (January 31).

Then and Now

Same place, same person, 9 months between. Wow! (If you walk around the bend in the second picture, you get to where the first picture was taken.) And I'd just like to add that I'm starting to think springy thoughts. It can't come soon enough!

May 2007

February 2008

Making Bread With Mommy

First we put in all the ingredients and mixed them together

Then we let it rise

Then we put them in pans and let them rise again

After they baked, we let them cool

Then we ate some! Yum yum!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Peter's 25th

Well, it's happened. Daddy is officially an old fogey. On Saturday, he turned, make that 25. We had a fun day. We started off the day with a hike in Montebello Open Space Preserve, which is about 20-30 minutes away and absolutely gorgeous! The trail descends down into the headwaters of Stevens Creek and follows alongside for a while. We didn't go very far, but what we did see was beautiful! At this time of year it was green green green everywhere (except the grass at the beginning, which will turn green within the next couple of months and back to yellow shortly after). It was much colder than we expected it to be, based on the weather conditions at home, but luckily, we had a backup blanket to add to Littler's other blanket and a backup jacket for Little in the car. [That's code for 'We hadn't cleaned out the car in ages and had some blankets and a jacket hanging around'.]

After we hiked, we went bowling and had pizza at a Stanford Escondido Village sponsored bowling event. That was fun, but I'm pretty sure Peter and I both had about 3 slices too many. Later in the evening, we had ice cream cake. Yum! Here's a picture of Peter blowing out his candles. Unfortunately, I didn't have 25, so I had to make the shape of a 2 and a 5, and it was much too easy for him. I didn't think to take this picture until we were halfway done singing, so I had to sprint for the camera and barely made it back in time to take a picture, so please forgive to poor composition. [Pay no attention to the potty under the table.]