Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Picture Drought

Unfortunately, our new camera (and lens and batteries and battery pack and memory card) was stolen over Spring Break, and we're pretty bummed about it. (That's probably an understatement, but I think we've both managed to numb ourselves so we don't feel it as badly as we should.) You could say it was our fault (more specifically, mine), since our car door was probably unlocked (not intentionally). But, it's still sad, and I don't really think we deserved it. This would be the fourth time in our three year marriage that we've had something stolen from us. I've gotta say, I would really prefer that someone steal the TV if they're going to steal something. But that's not an invitation...

The gist of this post: don't expect tons of pictures any time soon.

Potty Training

What doesn't work: potty training and diarrhea
What DOES work: diarrhea and a poop colored recliner

Friday, March 7, 2008

More Littleisms

Daddy takes his shirt off to go into the shower.
Little, pointing to Daddy's chest: You are white!
Daddy: Gee, thanks!
Little, apologetically: Daddy's green?