Friday, March 27, 2009


Little loves riding bikes. A couple days ago she got her very own bike [appropriated from among several abandoned candidates in our courtyard] and we put training wheels on it. We expected her to take a while getting used to the new big bike, but she had no trouble at all.

In fact, today we went on a run with Little on her bike. We went a bit over three miles, including some nice little hills. And she rode the whole way! She impresses us a bunch. When she was going up the hills she would groan and say over and over again "it's hard, it's hard, it's hard" but she'd always make it. It's especially cute because she's a wee bit... uh, clumsy on her own two feet but she's super great on bikes. We're super proud to have a little bikerchick. Er, cyclistgirl. Whatever.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Littler's Style

Mommy and Daddy couldn't help being constantly cuted out by Littler today. We seem to have finally found her "style".

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some random recent pictures

Our vast, wonderful back yard.
Tickle me!!

We went on a little camping thingy with our friends to Mt. Madonna and Uvas Canyon county parks over the weekend.
Their son's name is Canyon, as you can see.
Little and Canyon spent a lot of time jumping.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Belated Valentine's Post

Every year my sister-in-law does a blog post on Valentine's Day where she asks her kids questions about love, marriage, etc. I did it with Little last year but decided not to do it this year, I know not why... I was just reading our blog from last year a little bit and came across that post and decided to do it now (just to have the same questions to compare to). Last year her answers were a little skewed because her aunt's blog was up with pictures of her cousins. This year everything is skewed because I was using Microsoft Word and she was watching all the words and letters...

And now for your feature presentation:

14 Ways to See Love Through My Kid's Eyes

1. How do you know when you're in love?
Little (almost 2): Play music
Little (just 3): Um, play! That’s love. Say love to dance. (In a sing song voice) Do you love to dance?

2. Why do people get married?
Little (almost 2): Um...Um...Pooh Bear
Little (just 3): Cause…they just……..cause they like each other.

3. How old should you be when you get married?
Little (almost 2): Ummmm...two of those
Little (just 3): Maybe two just like you’re gonna turn two. But I was already two. Now I’m gonna turn three just like Oliver’s gonna be.

4. Where do you want to get married?
Little (almost 2): Um, Mack [but used real name] there in the picture
Little (just 3): When I get two.

5. What qualities do you look for in a boy/girl?
Little (almost 2): Um…blue, they're blue………and red. Mack's shirt's blue…with stripes.
Little (just 3): Maybe boy—what kind of boy makes a sound? Do you know boys start with “b” (the sound) “o” (the letter)?

6. What's romance?
Little (almost 2): Yeah
Little (just 3): What kind of romance is…um W. W starts with romance.

7. What would be a fun date?
Little (almost 2): Snowman, Chris is at home, the birds [not sure if she's talking about her Uncle, or her friend's daddy, but probably her uncle, since the computer was up on the blog of his family]
Little (just 3): Can you spell that? That’s a fun date!

8. What do you want to get for Valentine's Day?
Little (almost 2): Yeah. Oh yeah. That's Daddy's couch. Green. It's heavy.
Little (just 3): Maybe…maybe cards.

9. Why do men give women flowers or chocolate?
Little (almost 2): Oh yeah. Oh yeah.
Little (just 3): Know why that?
They don’t like it.

10. What do you think about kissing?
Little (almost 2): Oh yeah. Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah. Ohhh yeah.
Little (just 3): People don’t like that.

11. How many kids will you have after you are married?
Little (almost 2): There Daddy. Read it. There's Daddy right there.
Little (just 3): Three!

12. What will you wear when you get married?
Little (almost 2): Boys outside.
Little (just 3): Big jackets!! I wanna wear big jackets cause I’m a big person. But they’re way too big.

13. What will your husband/wife look like?
Little (almost 2): Oh no. Ohhh. Oh no. Oh.
Little (just 3): But it will be a little bit big. Looks a bit older than I am.

14. How can you tell your parents love each other?
Little (almost 2): They're the chair right now. Little couch. [used her real name (not Little)]
Little (just 3): But I don’t.
[Mommy: You don’t what?]
I don’t like each other.
Each other…each other…are gross!