Saturday, March 2, 2013

Never Stop

2013 has been a pretty weird year so far. Mommy and Daddy have both been working very hard, but from home. Daddy's had a few trips out-of-state and we snuck one four-day vacation in to the Okanogan Highlands. The kids have had a lot of activities and we've been birding quite a bit. So when today rolled around without a single obligation at all we decided to have a low-key family day. So here it was, all planned out this morning by the kids:

9am: "Restaurant breakfast" with Daddy as chef and Ella as waitress

10am: "Best fort in the world building time"

11am: "Dance time [Seven Minute Mind]"

11:30am: "Random stuff with blankets, a camera and a C-clamp [improvised]:"

This went on for a very long time with at least 5 generations of innovation on the general theme:

2pm: "Explore behind our apartment:"

3:30pm: "Hot bath time"

4:30pm: "Draw violent weather while completely nekkid time [improvised] [no video...]"

5:30pm: "Taco time"

6pm: "Make fun of how bad Daddy's team is losing time"

7pm: "Pretend to sleep time"

Daddy pooped out at about 4pm but it was a great day anyway. Back to the thesis...


Martie said...

Harper,"Hey! Those don't look like our cousins anymore!" I guess it has been awhile. Thanks for sharing your day with us!

brittney said...

looks like tons of fun. too much, actually. You daddies can put us mommies to shame sometimes. :)

brittney said...

by the way, I think your videos are going to make me throw up.