Saturday, February 13, 2010


Littler has decided that she really is a dog, all day long every day. So the most common word she uses now, whether it serve as a verb, noun, adjective, pronoun, expletive, clause, diatribe, discourse, etc., is the word "wuhf." Thus:

"I want to play with [Little], wuhf."
"Daddy, Daddy, wuhf."
"I wuhf, I wuhf, I wuhf!"
"[whine, whine, whine] whuhf [whined]."
"Wuuuuuuhf!!" [meaning "I can't open the door"]
"Wuhf!" ["I did it!"]
"Wuhf, yeah."

Her stamina is remarkable, she's been doing it consistently for about 72 straight hours, and it took us about half that time to figure out what she was doing.


Nikki CB said...

that is hilarious and adorable! For about 3 months the only word Gabe said was "dog" so they should clearly hang out.

Peg Lewis said...

I used to have 29 grandchildren. Now I have 28 and a dog. Please scratch behind her ears for me.