Saturday, June 13, 2009

Little Frogger II

Daddy and Little walked back to Lake Lag today to take her pet toad back to his home.

She tried to catch juncos.

She tried to catch a towhee.

She caught lots of toads.

She tried to catch two baby killdeer but Daddy stopped her.

She tried over and over again to catch some superfast frogs.

She caught a toad. "Daddy, I like this toad. I'm going to kiss it."

She kissed the toad's butt. For several seconds. Intimately.

She caught a frog! Daddy was very impressed.

"Daddy, I have a super special birthday present for you. It's a surprise!"

It's a burr she pulled from her sandal.

She told a toad she was holding: "look how people can run FAST." Then she sprinted for 30 feet holding the toad in front of her. "We have long legs and frogs have short legs so we run FAST."

Daddy and Little got to pick their own prizes if they caught a frog or toad. Daddy got a big hug.

"Little, what do you want for your special prize for catching that toad?"

"I want... to catch another toad."

So it took a while to get home.

She pushed the stroller home herself.

On the way home she counted:

three [etc.] ...
... thirty nine
thirty one
thirty two
thirty three ...
... thirty nine
thirty one
thirty two
thirty three ...
... thirty nine
... [etc.]

She saw a guy wearing a wife beater. "That guy's funny! He's wearing girl clothes!"


brittney said...

Little is such a hoot. She says the cutest things.

Martie said...

Hahahaha! Oh my goodness! She is hilarious!! What a cute girl!