Friday, June 5, 2009


Littler is 21 months today!

Last night Littler pooped while she was supposed to be sleeping. Other kids would cry, but Littler just pounded her crib WHAMMO WHAMMO WHAMMO with her heels until somebody came up to change her.

Every night when she goes to bed she bounces up and down in her crib for a couple hours before falling asleep. She never cries. Sometimes we hear stray crib squeaks past 11. Nobody knows what she is doing up there and we're all afraid to find out.

Littler parrots everything Little does, in real-time:
Little: Can I have some more cereal puh-leez?
Littler: leez
Little: I can pour it myself
Littler: sef
Little: thanks daddy
Litller: dad
Little: stir my cereal! [holds out spoon]
Littler: srul [holds out spoon]
Little: I'm done [gets down from table and goes into the livingroom]
Littler: ou'! [gets lifted out of high-chair and goes into the livingroom]
etc. etc.

Littler has her own language:
Water/bottle/cup/drink/juice="dadu" or "dadua"
Help me="hepi"
On/in/out/over/pick up/under="ou'"
Hi:"heyoh? heyoh? heyoh? heyoh?"
Give that back to me:"mai!"
Towel: "buh-bul" [derived from "bubble" because Little always asks for her "bubble towel"]
Milk: "nyoh"
Thank you:"Gee-Koh"

So: "Hepi hepi hepi dadua nyoh" means "put milk in my cup!"

She calls Daddy "Mommy" about 50% of the time. And vice versa.

She talks and talks and talks but very rarely says anything commonly regarded as English.

She loves to monster: she does this by sticking her arms out, elbow straight, with her hands spread wide open, then violently abusing whatever she has her attention on, powered by robust shoulder muscles.

She likes to crawl up on the bed in the morning to wake Daddy up. Usually this consists of a vigorous monstering on the back and the words "abu globby du du a bliblibli Mommy!" Daddy then says "my name is Daddy." So Littler responds "abu globby du du a bliblibli Daddy!"

She is impossibly ticklish. When you grab her mid-section she curls into a fantastically tight little giggling ball, like a psycho opossum, and it takes quite a bit of work to get your hand extricated from it.

She is stubborn and has a healthy sense of justice. If some big kid takes her toy, she monsters them and takes it back.

She loves hiding in the curtains.

She loves to give Mommy and Daddy very sweet kisses right on the mouth, and sometimes will give 26 kisses in a row.

Sometimes she just lies down on the ground and stays there for a while, for no reason. Outside, inside, in the dirt, whatever. Face down.

When things aren't to her liking she's much more likely to get crazy mad than she is to get sad.

She sits on the potty and wipes herself with a super-mini piece of toilet paper. She doesn't realize she's supposed to DO something in the potty, but Little sits there so she must too. Then she flushes it.

Given a choice she will always choose drink over food. The most common word [eking out "the" just barely] in our house is "dadu/a!"

She can make computers do the most bizarre things when she monsters them.

She loves music and does a crazy monster dance whenever she hears any.

She's a powerful little compact thing.

We can always tell when she's done eating: she starts monstering her food. If we don't intervene quickly there is usually a 5-foot radius projected sphere of food around her high chair.

She throws things. Especially when she's angry.

She's very good at sports and athletics [for a 21-month-old]

When she's excited or very happy, she--yes, that's right--monsters.

If Little beats the boogers out of her, she gets angry but deals with it herself. If Little tells her "no, Littler!" she becomes devastated and needs parental consoling.

She hates cooking time. She wants to be involved but can't [she monsters all the ingredients]. So she stands around our feet and cries.

She absolutely ADORES animals. Any time she sees some she burbles and tries to monster them. If the animals are too far away, she monsters the closest parent.

She is super sweet and loves cuddles--but not for more than a couple seconds. There is monstering to do after all!

She doesn't smile more than is necessary, but when she does it is a MASSIVELY huge, sweet smile.

She is unusually cooperative [usually!] at nap-time and night time. She just wants to be in her crib.

She loves to eat rocks.

Every time we change her diaper she plays peekaboo with her hands.

Everything is a potential phone to her. She puts it to her ear: "heyoh? heyoh? heyoh!"

She loves to put things on her head like hats. Especially pants.

She's cute with pig-tails.

She's our Littler!


Martie said...

This is one of the cutest things I ever heard.

But listen. I mean, maybe she didn't tell you all about the yucky diaper on the spot, but she told you before the fact. You need to open your ears and listen. She very clearly told you that she had a globby dudu. Sheesh.

Oh my goodness, she is so cute.

MandaMommy said...

Good job Dest. I have to say though, when she is on the phone, or remote, or whatever she happens to be holding, it's more like 'AH-lo'. She's good at l's.

brittney said...

thats the littler we know and love! Chris and I were talking about how much we think your use of the word "monster / monstering" is just a perfect adjective. Like Joni's "space" I'm sure we'll use it from now on.

little mama said...

I do love the "monster" bit, too.

So cool to hear all about her, because itr's so hard to know what she is like, not having seen her since she was almost brand-newish.