Saturday, November 10, 2007

She was a champ!

Little went to the pediatrician yesterday, where we learned that she is super smart. (Duh! Every parent knows their kid is super smart!) She also had 4 shots and two vials of blood drawn. Blechhhhh! BUT, her Daddy was great and held her and talked to her through it all, and she only cried for a second for each shot. The blood was a little different, since she had already been through 4 shots, so in addition to Daddy hugging/holding her still, a different lady had to come hold her arm still (so sad!), but she resigned herself to it, and forgot about it as soon as it was over, as kids tend to do. Thank goodness for Daddy's is all I can say!

The best part about the whole thing was the number and counting book they gave Little, because that's what we're "focusing" on right now. And we can't argue with the good selection of books to read her while we were waiting for the doctors and nurses to come into the room!

And no more shots for 4 whole weeks.


Real said...

The shots were just regular immunizations, right? What was the blood being drawn for?

Real said...

Ok, so maybe I should start reading from the bottom up instead of top down. Still, why are they checking her hematocrit adn hemoglobin?