Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Blessed Sleep!

Littler slept for a little over SIX hours in a row last night! I was amazed! I got into a really deep sleep that was hard to come out of, since I hadn't been woken up sooner, but it was really nice! I have yet to be successful with her sleeping in the bassinet though...

By the time Little was this age, she was sleeping 6 hours straight, then another 4, and she did that for 2 months until we moved here. After that she woke up an average of 6 times a night for the next 10 months until we moved her to her own bed. I'm hoping to avoid that with Littler.


Martie said...

I know that felt wonderful. I hope she keeps it up! She sounds like another sweet baby. What is her personality like?


little mama said...

Hmm...Maybe Littler could have a talk with Benefactor? He WAS a good sleeper at night when he was born, but I ruined it. And he's still not, to this day.