Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Just Right

We found out today that Littler is only 12th percentile for height (no big surprise there) and over 80th in weight for that height. It's satisfying to know that all that weight is coming from just me! She weighs 11lbs 6 oz now.

Little, on the other hand, is completely average height and 70th percentile or so weight for her height. Different babies, different sizes, but we think they're just right!


Martie said...

Percentiles are funny things! If you can believe it, Nico was well beyond the 100th percentile at 8 months... He weighed 32 pounds! Now that totally flabbergasts me. At this time he weighs 150 at 5'11". Hmmm. He was also "supposed" to be 6'3- 6'4. Dunno about all of that!

Anyway, it's funny stuff.

Both your babies definitely make it high on the cuteness scales.


little mama said...

I love that pride a mom gets when she knows her babies growth is all from her. It's so cool!