Thursday, January 20, 2011

Flyin' solo part 3

On sunday in the afternoon we went to see Olivander, Lizard and A-Ron at Linda Vista park. It was just a cool opportunity for the kids to get nutty outside where they can't break things:

On Monday we went with the same crew down to Pinnacles to do some hiking. It was a cool little hike, we saw quite a few condors, and there was a cool section of caving in the middle. And, even better, I didn't take any pictures of the whining or crying.

By the way, Little has had seriously puffy eyes for a couple weeks, and you'll see that in the pictures here. Makes her look a bit like Willem Dafoe with ample burrito weight.

Once again, I scored some dad points and let the girls get a little wet. Who new nobody packed any dry clothes?

This is Little's definition of a little wet:

Little and Olivander can entertain each other indefinitely. Same for Lizard and Littler. They're perfect little friend-pairs.

Caves drawing near.

The cave! It was pretty cool, though it would have been nice to have one adult per kid. Instead, I valiantly went on ahead and took pictures while A-Ron got to help the kids through tight spots.

Little is, once again, without undergarments or shirt. But she rocked the climb out.

As I told Mommy when she got home, I found some remarkable tips for keeping the girls' hair nice and controlled:

The kids decided that they wanted to take some rocks home. We still had 0.6 miles left, and they refused to bring kid-sized rocks. So they carried these all the way back to the car. Little's rock was a present for Mommy when she got off the airplan; Littler wanted the rock for herself and was offended by the slightest idea of giving it to Mommy.

Then we went home and picked up Mommy. Fun day!

It was super awesome to spend those days with my girls and it was strangely liberating to get them all to myself for a couple days. But to say we all were eager for Mommy to come home would be, you know, a catastrophic understatement.

Thanks, Matt, Matt and A-Ron for helping me stay sane over the weekend!

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