Thursday, January 20, 2011

Flyin' solo part 2


We went with Little's friend Tommy to Happy Hollow, a zoo/amusement-park-for-littluns. For a tiny kiddie zoo it had some cool stuff; Fennec fox! Fossa! Lemurs! Goats!

HH also has the biggest dang-busted climbing castle in the history of HISTORY, and the kids rocked it:

And then there were the rides:

This is Little's favorite. They hopped on, then it broke. I told Little to cut out the burritos; once again, I'm rocking this dad stuff:

The perfect Daddy lesson opportunity presented itself when we reached the fennec foxes. Two little cute things in there, gettin' frisky. Littler thinks they're babies and demands to know where the parents are. I told her they were indeed adults. She wanted to know how I KNEW they were adults. Not wanting to miss this crucial opportunity, I heartily pointed out that there were some squirrel monkeys over there, and aren't squirrel monkeys just awesome?

Good times Matt and Tommy!

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