Monday, July 28, 2008

Little's Hobby Horse

Recently Little has taken to making hobby horses out of everyday objects [a hobby horse is one of those horse-head-on-a-stick [sounds like a cheap French county-fair snack, right?] toys that everybody used to play with back in the medieval era when our parents were alive, if old kids books are any indication]. Sometimes she uses a picture frame, sometimes a broom, sometimes Littler. She gallops around in a convincing cadence and waves her free hand above her head like she's working a lasso. It's ubercute.

The other day she was potty training and so, at that moment, she was 100% totally gloriously buck nekkid. She decided she wanted to play with a hobby horse, so she grabbed the nearest object, straddled it, and pranced around yelling "HObby horse! HObby horse!" What object did she grab to be her hobby horse?


Daddy is almost entirely convinced that this was the cutest single moment in all of human history.


Real said...

All I can think is OUCH! LOL!

Lajuana said...

You write very well.