Thursday, July 24, 2008

Little Goes Potty

Today is day 9 of our latest attempt to potty train Little, and I must say that even though it's not going miraculously, we're pretty happy with the way things are going this time around. So far today she has had ZERO accidents, with both pee and poop. Or as her little potty movie calls it, "wee wee" and "poo poo". She still wets a diaper major time at night, and most days wakes up from her nap wet, but as of today we are officially not putting her to nap in diapers (but ARE using thick training pants with those plastic cover pants over them [and today a cloth diaper doubler]).

Littler has been alternating between the rest of our disposable supply, the rest of our g-diapers left over from trying them on Little (they didn't work as well on her for some reason), and cloth diaper doublers inserted into the g-diaper covers. We make the official cloth diaper plunge when her new all in one cloth diapers arrive next week. So far though, I think the cloth thing is working out great, thanks to our washer and dryer. I LOOOOOOOOVE them! They are seriously changing my life for the better!

Back to Little...wish us luck on her future success. We're going to start a sticker chart very soon because she's so good at going that she's earning too many otter pops and movies...

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