Thursday, August 7, 2008


Littler is a funny little monkey. Here are some things she loves to do:

If you set her down, she immediately starts pounding the floor with her heels. However you're picturing that, multiply it by at least a bajillion. It's extra violent. Once daddy though Mommy was jumping up and down upstairs trying to get his attention so he'd get Little to stop crying. Nope, it was Littler railing away on the floor. Sometimes the bike trailer bounces nearly off the ground from it. And the more excited she is, the more vigorously she abuses the floor.

And sometimes when she's extra excited she causes a seismic event.

The other thing she loves to do is spin on her bottom. She sits really straight and uses her heels [catching a trend here?] to spin herself around a vertical axis on her bum. She can make it 360 degrees in about 2 seconds. Or, if she's extra excited, an attosecond. Today she came perilously close to using this spining as a means of locomotion; to get from A to B she just spins really fast until somehow she ends up at B.

Forget crawling! Or walking, for that matter...

Just thought you'd like to know.

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