Monday, February 13, 2012

Top-roping the Fellinators

Somehow Daddy pulled off the barter-deal of the millennium by landing a day of climbing instruction by his friend J-Rad in exchange for a demo of hummus making. Daddy wonders when J-Rad will realize he's been had.

One of the awesome things about living here is we can just hop in the car and less than an hour later start climbing some world-class boulders and rock formations at Castle Rock. In February. J-Rad's son Danger, Little and Littler were all super excited to get climbing when they arrived and they just went off climbing and discovering caves for at least an hour. That was pretty awesome.

There was some stupefyingly glorious light when we arrived:

The kids just got right to climbing stuff:

The Dads spent quite a while climbing various routes of Castle Rock [Daddy of course on the easier routes]. But then the kids wanted to top-rope themselves, so:

Danger got himself successfully up to a nice ledge but then got stranded dangling upside-down. He started yelling, "This is danger! This is danger! I'm going to die! This is danger!!" It was pretty awesome; everybody came over to watch Danger in danger:

Littler said she would like to climb, but when it really came to it, she was silently terrified:

Daddy was pretty proud of her still. She had a silent little blast bounding on the rope on the short rappel down:

Little did some free soloing. Or, well, just climbing a little bit. She was pretty awesome though:

Daddy is absurdly proud of Little:

Mommy definitely tried to keep Daddy from leaving the house wearing that. But he insisted.

So here's J-Rad, the man we're not nearly as in-debt to as we should be. Thanks a ton!

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