Sunday, July 10, 2011


Bud is monumentally grabby. If it can be grabbed it will be grabbed.

Bud is a goat. He must be on top of anything that is climbable. We have a ~3-foot stool in our kitchen that he learned to climb when he was only 7 or 8 months old. He pushes it around the kitchen until it gives him access to new stuff he can grab. Sometimes he just stands there because being higher is better.

Bud is unprecedentedly cuddly and sweet. He gives perfect strangers the best snuggly hugs. A couple of our friends in the courtyard get daily warm embraces from him. Sometimes he stops hugging us just so he can run into our arms and hug us again [because the beginning of a hug is the best part!].

Bud loves other babies. He likes to push them over and gouge their eyes out.

Bud is very sweet natured and happy. Everybody always tells us that he's a "special spirit."

Bud poops a lot.

Bud believes that he can let himself off of anything so long as he goes feet-first from his stomach. Stairs, chairs, beds, stages, tables, the Grand Canyon.

Bud says "Ma ma ma ma MOMMMM!!" when he needs something. And "stop!" if somebody is doing something he doesn't like.

Bud sleeps like an angel.

Bud is very creative at stealing food from people. Last week Daddy left a paper bag full of produce on top of the fence to keep it away from Bud while talking to friends. Bud walked up to the fence and pushed it until the bag fell, grabbed a nectarine and immediately inhaled it.

Bud is squirmy and restless. There is no context in which sitting still is fathomable. Sometimes he just runs around outside by himself grabbing things for hours.

Bud loves balls of any shape or size. It is clearly deeply programmed into his genetic code.

He loves to follow the big kids in the courtyard and play with them. He doesn't know what they're doing but he loves to be involved.

Bud is just a sweet dude. He rarely cries, tolerates a lot of sisterly abuse, and gives everybody unabashed love. He's like a grabby Jesu Bambino.


Katie B. said...

Those three posts are so fun! You and your kids will love reading them as they get older (or until they're teenagers, and then it might become super embarrassing for a few years).

Martie said...

Perfect. Oh, and his face!!! Perfect, like I said. Happy sigh.