Sunday, July 10, 2011


Ballyhoo is IMPOSSIBLE to photograph. She's always completely disheveled, running in one direction while spinning wildly on two axes, bloodied from some face-plant on the pavement, and shrieking in either excitement, anger or both. This is very honestly the best picture of her we've taken in the last several months.

Ballyhoo is delightful. She is very polite--always saying please and thank you and sorry.

Ballyhoo is unprincipled with her anger. She may erupt in dramatic sobs quite frequently, but she can be easily tricked out of them. A typical exchange:

Daddy: "Ballyhoo, it's time for bed."

Ballyhoo, screaming, making grotesque gurgling noises, throwing things: "BUT I DON'T WANT TO!!!"

Daddy: But it's past your bed time.

Ballyhoo, rolling on the floor, kicking things: "NO! NO! NO!"

Daddy, in a very exaggerated perky voice: "Hey, Ballyhoo, do you want to do something really fun??"

Ballyhoo: "Yeah!"

Daddy, still sounding super-excited: "Hey, Ballyhoo! Let's go to SLEEP!"

Ballyhoo, suddenly bright-eyed and cheery: "OK, Daddy!"

Hey, it works, and it's super cute.

Ballyhoo has a bouncy, perky sweetness that is hard to describe.

Ballyhoo is confident and friendly and all of her peers and teachers love her.

Ballyhoo is a very doting big sister. She cares for Bud and really, genuinely loves him.

Bally is also only recently getting over unintentional brutality in her relationship with Bud.

Ballyhoo absolutely has to do everything by herself. She cannot be helped.

Ballyhoo CANNOT be helped.

Ballyhoo loves to dance. She's a tight bundle of ungraceful but adorable exuberance.

Ballyhoo is always adorably disheveled no matter how recently she has been groomed.

Ballyhoo is absolutely indominable. After deciding to start riding her bike without training wheels, she one day face-planted on asphalt and tore her face open. It looked stupendously gory but she didn't even hesitate to hop on her bike the next chance she got.

Ballyhoo is independent, feisty but lovable, stubborn and lovely. Just like her Mommy!

Ballyhoo loves to vacuum and help out. She is just fundamentally kind-hearted.

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Martie said...

I think maybe our littler girls have some things in common. Besides us, that is. LOVE.