Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Take my poll!

I've been seriously thinking about going back to school for my Masters in Linguistics this Fall, at San Jose State University. There are lots of reasons why not to do it, and only a few good reasons why I SHOULD, but I keep thinking about it! If I did, Peter would adjust his schedule so that he was home when I wouldn't be, so they would always have one parent with them--no child care. BUT, it would be a bit hard on Peter to be home for that time and trying to work from home.

The program at SJSU is relatively inexpensive, takes ~2 years, with 6-9 units per semester, and admission is not tough, so nothing too crazy. On the other hand, being that easy, is it worth anything? And what would I actually DO later with it? Anything? Would I get a PhD later? And is it worth the potential hardship on my family, or is it all just for my suffering stay-at-home-mom ego?

Anyway, take my poll, and comment on this post if you have any thoughts. I'm eager to be the beneficiary of your wisdom.


Real said...

Ok. So, we did that where we didn't do child care and the Hubba just adjusted his schedule around me. And while he was willing to do it, there were repercussions that he kind of regrets now. It took it's toll. I was very stressed out as a mother during that time. VERY stressed out. Even though I loved it. My program was a 2 year program, but it took me more than 4 years to complete. The debt and expense and hassle were all hard. But the education was tremendous and i've been able to apply it to other things--like birth.

I don't know how to answer your poll, but I would seriously consider what you WOULD do with the degree. What I thought I could do is a lot less than what I can actually do. How important will the degree be ten years from now when you have no experience but are ready to possibly work full time?

Just stuff to consider. How fun. Also, are you choosing linguistics because you absolutely LOVE it or is there some other area you might like to get a master's in?

Peg Lewis said...

I so sympathize! My biggest concern besides the general feeling that as frustrating as mommying can be, it's not a good idea to get into such a structured and (somewhat) demanding pursuit, is that there are linguistics programs and then other linguistics programs, and we are pretty spoiled by UA. I'd sure want to know what the focus is at SJS before I went. You might get a bellyache.

The biggest downside, though, I think, is the giving up of your freedom. And then there's the downside for your student husband, who might well lose recommendation points for working at home and tending the kids. These two are serious issues, imo.

Stephanie said...

My best advice is to go with what feels right.

I have always felt that it is hard to find a balance between getting an education, staying home with your children, and living within your means.

My mom has a phD -- she got her masters about the time we all went to school -- my dad was self employed and the best way for our family to get health benefits was for my mom to go to work -- about the time we all went to college she got a phD. She got it to teach at the Y -- but didn't like it -- however, when she later went thru cancer -- she said her phD made it possible because she knew if she could do that she could do anything.

When I worked with Berk it was hard, though not nearly as hard as I thought it would be -- Erik did work while he watched Berk -- but everything went much slower (keep in mind Peter is not Erik -- Erik could tune Berk out when he was playing right next to him -- also your children are not Berkeley they may be easier to watch) -- it worked much better when Brittney watched Berkeley.

Sorry this isn't really an answer

Amy said...

Every so often I, too, think about going back to school. Every time, though, I conclude that I would be frustrated in my schooling and in my mothering because both would be compromised.

Peg Lewis said...

Yeah, what Amy said. I really believe that with all my heart. The most satisfaction comes from plunging in headfirst and unconditionally.

I have two daughters like that but I was more like you and Real.

Eloise said...

I think it's ESSENTIAL in the first years of babies and married life to know what is your THING-- something that makes you alive and excited for another day. You have a way to do it without hurting the family-- yes, it will be challenging, but I feel like there should be sacrifice on all sides for something that actually matters.


And, if you never use it, you HAVE it. No one can ever take it away from you and it's always there in case you need it.

Do I see you as getting a PH.D in the future? Well, actually I do. You have the drive, the intelligence, the curiosity, and the desire...

I don't think there's anything worse than looking back and saying "I should have..." or missing your potential.

I, personally, don't have what it takes for this-- not because I don't have the aptitude, but because I don't have the drive or determination. My dreams are elsewhere, but I can SO understand where this could be a golden thing for you.

brittney said...

a tough call. I agree with what a lot of people said. Heres another thought. I'm of the frame of mind that it might not matter what you can do with a MA in linguistics. Its the furthering of your education/learning and personal growth that would be the biggest benefit/reason to get one for me. That being the case, is there much reason to get it now verses soon when kids are in school?

kelsey said...

This reminded me of some advice Bill received recently from and older and wiser gentleman who said, "When making a decision, you should think about what it will look like 10 minutes from now, 10 days from now, 10 months from now, and 10 years from now." ...for whatever that's worth...

As for the poll, I vote wait until the kids are in school.