Monday, December 8, 2008

Mommies Know How to Have Fun Too

This year our ward's Christmas party theme was Christmas by the Bay. Somehow I ended up singing in a sextet of sopranos in front of the entire ward (I actually really enjoyed it!). We sang Tim Hockleberry's "Christmas by the Bay" and got to dress up all fancy and cute-like with jingle bell bracelets and big red ribbons around our waists. I haven't gotten to dress all fancy for a performance since high school band concerts (or the one college one, but it wasn't quite as fancy...).

Then, a few minutes later, I got to perform in a funny snowman skit that was a spoof on lots of commonly known songs with lyrics changed to talk about snowmen. Sounds weird, but it really ended up being lots of fun, and the audience loved it! So the next several pitures are of different parts of that skit. We all sang and danced to pretty much everything, but I was in small groups in a little rap and one with Spanish words to the melody of "La Cucaracha". I'm glad I went outside of my normal little boundaries and did these things. It was a lot of fun!


Real said...

Wow. I'm so jealous. That looks like so much fun! And good for you!! Shy my foot.

Martie said...

That looks SO fun!!! Oh my goodness, how did you get up the courage? I love to sing and dance and I love the stage, but I get terrible stage fright. I am very impressed with your courage!

You look great, too!!


Martie said...

I keep coming back to look at these pictures again. You look so pretty and happy! :O)

MandaMommy said...