Friday, April 18, 2008

Little vs. Littler


Overridingly sweet and charming
Very inquisitive [loves to go search for beetles and learn new words]
Obsessive; cannot be distracted from the current fascination, capable of intense focus [her life is full of these little obsessions, like: any time she sees pictures of animals or people she won't do anything else until she has correctly identified the mommy, the daddy, and the baby. If there isn't a full complement then she makes us search for them until we find them before we can go on.]
Organized; Likes things in their proper place
Very happy
Very smart and competent
Extremely shy and reserved
Obsessed by learning
Adores friends but isn't broadly social
Tough; nothing bothers her for long
Very uncoordinated
Careful and methodical physically and mentally; rarely lets herself get hurt or answer a question wrong, self-conscious
Sensitive [afraid of mommy's fallen-out hair]
Waits until she has something down pat before she physically does it
Extremely affectionate and loving [but can't often sit still long enough to really cuddle]
Very calm [for a 2-year-old!] and unemotional [for a 2-year-old!]
A bit controlling; likes to be in charge
Smiles almost all the time
Not independent, but fun-loving
Physically a Paull; dark, not particularly small, with Paull features
Loves books
Values precision more than creativity [she doesn't like to draw, but she endlessly asks us to draw things for her]


Overridingly intense
Loves strangers; not at all shy
Wound up and explosive
Curious but not ruminative; a new toy will interest her intensely for about 15 seconds
Very not independent
Always wants to be the center of attention; hates being left on the fringes of activities
Physically a Lewis; small, white, quick [she pounds the floor with her feet with incredible force], with Lewis features
Musical; sometimes music is the only thing that will make her happy
Physically confident
Emotionally fragile

Of course, our observation period for Littler has been much shorter than for Little! Anyway, the reason we are writing this is for reference in a decade or two. We really wonder if these lists of traits will be applicable in the far future. Will Little end up smart, sweet, happy, calm, and shy, with a few ultra-close friends and lots of admirers? Will Littler end up intense, athletic, talented and very social? It's tempting to predict that that's what would happen, but who knows? They'll probably share more traits than not, even though right now they don't appear to belong to the same order, not to mention family. Only time will tell...

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Anonymous said...

Lewises are small, white and quick?

Sounds like a bunny rabbit.

Peter Rabbit