Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A green bum

Little: water the garden some more please daddy!
Daddy: but we're out of water
Little: put more water in the bucket please daddy!
Daddy: why don't you go fill it up?
Little: Oh!! [as though it was a novel idea]

Little then took the water bucket upstairs, climbed up on the ledge of the shower, turned on the sink, filled the water bucket to the rim, turned the sink off, somehow got the water bucket down from the sink [daddy has no idea how she managed this], and carried this 1/2-gallon water bucket full to the rim down the stairs, out the back door, watered the grass, then came back and did it all again. And she's doing it again now. Now she's back, but the water is still running:

Little: water off for me please daddy!

Impressive little mite.


Eloise said...

There's determination for you!

brittney said...

wow! I feel like I even know Little well, but its still a bit hard to picture such long and well developed conversations! How adorable.

Melissapher said...

Wow. That's impressive! Did she spill the water at all?

trogonpete said...

ok, ok, yeah, she spilled some water. but surprisingly little!