Friday, March 28, 2014

Tahlbows' visit

We're not even going to apologize for how excessively long this post is. There's no such thing as too much Tahlbow/Lewis synergistic grinning and waterplay. Here's 10 days of sun, sunburns, water, sun, sand, sun, and tons of sun, annotated.

OK, the first two were before the Tahlbows arrived. Hanauma Bay.    

We did a bunch of cool things that you won't see here. Smashed 2048, slacklined, fought the most glorious bamboo-rod battle on a high ridge in wild wind, ate some fabulous food. Mostly beach is what you'll get, but it's still plenty.

It's hard to imagine two people more suited to be best friends than L&L. They speak each other's bizarre personal internal languages. And they're a riot together.

OK, this was super cool. Like, actually one of the coolest things ever. We triumphed over the sea with a remarkable--though aesthetically-challenged--fort. Here Blizane valiantly tries to hold the sea back with his body.

Per American tradition, we have to include a picture of [most of] us eating food. Shave ice in Kailua.

Dang girl.

Cool morning in Hanauma Bay, snorkeling and snorkeling. I just had to include the iconic fish of my childhood, the humuhumunukunukuapua'a, which are actually quite common in O'ahu.

A really huge amount of snorkeling.

Bellows Beach, for some last-minute water play. Daddy missed Arizona's win over Gonzaga to go, so you know it had to be awesome.

That's it. Thanks for a fabulous time, Tahlbows! If you made it this far and you are NOT a Tahlbow, consider yourself invited. Because by this point I'm sure you've already decided you need to be here.

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Martie said...

The colors there are more vibrant and happy than in Montana where everything is brown.... with new white stuff several times a week. I had almost forgotten what Color looks like.