Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ballyhoo's 4th

Yesterday was Ballyhoo's 4th birthday. Daddy took her and her friend Lukey for a few hours to have fun without interference from the older kids. The last stop was a couple hours at Arastradero preserve. Ballyhoo asked Daddy what there was to do there. He said, "Anything you want! Run around, play in the water, break things, throw sticks, beat eachother up, whatever!"

So they hopped out of the car and started on their way and got stopped by a ranger. She asked Ballyhoo "Hi there, are you going on a hike?"

Ballyhoo: No, I'm going to beat up Lukey.

Well, she IS the birthday girl...

1 comment:

brittney said...

hahaha. Love that ballywho girl. I wonder who won? they seem evenly matched.