Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer End Game

Random pictures from the last 8 days' fun.

Here's Littlest and his friend/neighbor/near-twin 'Enri. 'Enri was born less than 12 hours after Littlest. They are exactly the same: they both poop a lot and sleep a bunch.

Kason and Maleb's parents moved up into the mountains and we've spent some time enjoying the trails up there. Last saturday Daddy and Olivander's daddy rode from Cupertino up Montebello Rd. to Montebello OSP and met Kason and Maleb's daddy up there. They rode up to the top of Black Mountain and took a picture of themselves, trying to look as rad as they can.  Daddy stood on a very tall rock so he wouldn't look like a midget.

On Labor Day we went with Olivander's family to Portola Redwoods State Park. We had a fair amount of fun playing in the water...

...and lying in the grass...

...until the stinging nettle ambushed us and made Littler a sad little monster.

Little and Olivander did this for quite a long time:

Then we all drove down to Pescadero State Beach and hung out there until sunset.

Even the late-sunset light wasn't enough to make Daddy's midsection anything but blindingly white.

We found all kinds of cool things on the beach, like severed fish heads and a ray skeleton. We even saw a [live] sea otter, which was pretty cool. Somehow we took 800 pictures that day and none were of the awesome people we were there with. Nothing personal, we swear.

On Tuesday Mommy had her first game for her soccer league. She was a bit rusty to start with but warmed up and kicked some tushy.

The ball was heading over Mommy's head and, without thinking about it, she reached up to grab it. Thankfully it was too high, but she grinned a sheepish grin and kept on playing:

Here's Littlest just yesterday with Canyon's little sister Mandolin. He's staking claim to his territory as early as he can.


kelsey said...

LOVE the mother-child photo on the beach. So beautiful.

Martie said...

AWESOME adventures, and love the pics!!!

Littlest looks a little more interested than his little lady friend does. Is she playing hard to get?

And littlest is changing so fast! Did we really see you just over a month ago??

You have such a great variety of family adventures! I love it.