Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Upload

After a very [not the fun kind of ] busy summer we have a bunch of pictures we hadn't gone through that we decided should just be dumped in one batch. Here goes:

May 24th:

Little and Littler wanted to go play basketball.  To Little, every activity basically boils down to an outfit; soccer is about cleats, basketball is about basketball shorts, swimming is about swimsuits, etc. So what she really wanted to do was get dressed in a basketball outfit; the actual basketball part was totally secondary. Littler, on the other hand, was pretty serious about wanting to dunk.

Little's got epic hops.


We met some friends at Lake Lagunita to look for frogs. We are an awefully anglo bunch:

Little got a new bike, finally one that wasn't pieced together from courtyard discards. It's huge and she loooooves to ride it. She rode with us to church a few time, 3 miles each way.  She's a major cylist girl! Of course, her favorite thing is going "super FAST" and she now claims to go faster than Mommy, Daddy, and cars.

Perhaps the cycling is to blame, but Little is STRONG. She can take on two of her friends in tug-of-war and she's a champion snake-monsterer.


Just some friends: Tarlissimo, Littler, Kason, Little, Maleb and Canyon.

7.15.10: Little figured out how to jump off a swing. She had no inhibition at all and went flying waaaay up there. She'd land like a cat on all fours but with a resonant thud and crouch there for a moment to regain her balance. Then she went back and did it all over again.


Just a day in the life of LittlerMonster.


Our courtyard rope swing rocks.

The parameter space occupied by the "Littler is having fun" mode of rope swinging is very small.  But, characteristically, she always, always wants to do it again when we're done.

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Martie said...

I think Little and Delany may be clones. Clone cousins. Delany loves a rush, loves a new challenge, and loves to go on adventures; the more extreme the better. Wanna be neighbors?

Those rope swing pics, BTW, and RIGHTEOUS!