Thursday, January 31, 2008

Family Portrait Day

Meet Little. Little likes to play pretend and to organize things. She has a big family.

Meet Littler. Littler is little. Er. Littler lives in a confusing world and often gets caught in Little's schemes.

Meet Bunny. Bunny is Little's sister. She is twins with...

Piggy. Piggy and Bunny are pretty much interchangeable. They like to share clothes.

Next comes Panther. Panther likes to wear his red flight suit and goggles. He never takes them off. Sometimes, he'll cover it up with a pink jumpsuit.

Then there's Pinkleberry, aka "Ponkle-bye". She's the oldest after Little. She has some big shoes to fill!

Bunny and Piggy pose together.

It's been a long sitting. As you can see, Bunny is the only one still in good spirits.

They also have a younger brother and sister named Kenai and Atigun, but they spend most of their time in bed.

Occasionally some cousins, like Monkey, Dolly, or Doggy Backpack come to play, too, but mostly it's the 6 of them. They like to spend their time sitting in the buzzy chair, the bumbo, or the swing. They take turns. They are one happy (most of the time) family!


Real said...

I love Ponkle-bye! For cute!

Martie said...

This is hilarious! I just love, love the fisrt picture of A. She is such a dolly, so expressive. You have a big, beautiful family!


Peg Lewis said...

I just love getting behind on your blog, and then I can fill up on all the wonderful photos and find out what those nearly perfect little girls are doing. I WOULD like to see Atigun and Kenai. And there's no such thing as too many photos.

It's fun that Little is such a competent little hiker. I think I might like to write a story about her and hiking. So why don't you illustrate it right now w/ more photos, maybe showing the change of the seasons. Because right now you can't see much of Little, just Little coverups.

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