Thursday, December 20, 2007

Terri-(ble, fic...?) Twos

Little, who is not quite so little anymore, has reached a new stage in her development. Although she has a couple more months until she is officially 2 years old, I think we can reasonably say that she is in her "Terrible Twos". You know, the boundary testing and pretending like she doesn't hear a word you say, tantrums, screaming, etc? She had a period of about 3 weeks where she went to bed like a champ! Not a single tear, authentic or crocodile, for both naps and bedtime! We were amazed! Terrific! At the same time, during the day, she decided it was fun to test her boundaries out on her sister, with hitting and other not so nice sorts of things. Tonight she almost B-I-T her... Dare I say it? (Terrible!) Not that she is terrible, but the action feels terrible to us. Sometimes I turn my back on them for two seconds and come back to see Littler screaming at the top of her lungs with Little nearby and I have no clue what happened. Today we made the mistake of trying to start potty training with her. It would have been a good idea were it not for her terrible/terrific twos. She actually pooped in the potty today! We were so proud of her, and she got to call Daddy! Unfortunately, she also peed on the floor/chairs/couch approximately 10 times. It seems some muscles were more prepared than others to start with the potty training. The biggest reason we stopped though, is that she said "No," everytime we suggested she sit on the potty, after she had her big success. I don't really think it's worth it if I have to force her to sit on the potty, so I didn't even try. Oh well. Some other time. It's not a big deal and she's younger than most potty trainees these days anyway.

On to the most exciting parts of her Twos. Little can now recognize at least 19 of her letters! And several numbers too. She is a sponge when it comes to things like this, and I feel bad for not working with her on it more often. (Because it's Daddy who does most of it. I help but he is the driving force. Well, really SHE is.) She can STILL read longer than either of us has the patience for, too.

Another Little feat is her voracious appetite for pasta. We went out to dinner for our anniversary (yes, we took the kids with us--the people they know well are on vacation already), and got two dishes, one which was pasta, and she ate more than half of the pasta dish. It worked out fine for me--I had room to order a vanilla bean cheesecake! (Woah, that was RICH.)

And she's really cute in pigtails. As long as I remember to put her in pigtails, I think I can look past the other stuff.


little mama said...

That pigtail trick is a good one. I STILL know that I have more patience for my cute but sometimes trying little girl if her hair is done.

I'm such a fickle mom!

miss mary said...

loving your page. New to your blog. Love the pics of the kids. How many do you have? well will drop by again,will bookmark your site. hugs and God Bless